Graupner MZ-32

Device Spotlight – Graupner MZ-32

The Graupner MZ-32 is third generation telementry system that advances RC radios to a level never seen before!  The new level of functionalitycomes from a rich new set of hardware and software features.

The Graupner MZ-32 is the first radio on the market that provides full 32 channel funtions and supports five different model types such as Airplanes, Helicopters, cars and boats. You can store upto 999 different user models and has 12 flight-phases and 16 curve mixers which can be set global or flight-phase dependent.

The included Graupner MZ-32 9000mAh LiPo battery will provide more than 10 hours of operating time is not only fast and responsive but is also fast to load, You will be using your Graupner MZ-32 from power up in 10 seconds!

This outdoor friendly 4.3 inch state of the art TFT color touchscreen ensures easy and convenient access to all of the Graupner MZ-32 funtions for setting up and managing your models. Built in with Bluetooth, Telementry, MP3 and WLAN means you can always be in control.

The Graupner MZ-32 built in file manager lets you manage things like voice files and screenshots. Supported protocols on the Graupner MZ-32 include HoTT-PC, Smart Box, External Monitor, SUMD, DSMX, DSM2 and Crossfire V1/V2

You can buy a screen protector for your Graupner MZ-32 here.